Friday, February 13, 2009

When Mary Fed Judas

When Mary fed Judas the evening meal,
cooked bread for that deputy,
spy, who would engineer
deed and death of her first son...

When Mary fed Judas, carried the water,
conversed with him, her son's close friend,
a two-faced snot who'd pawn for cheap
that one she bore from God's own heart...

When Mary fed Judas and counted him
one in heart and soul
with those who left their lives behind,
perhaps to die for love of Him, her child from God...

When Mary fed Judas with the same hands
which held the face of Whom she loved with all her life,
did she think, suspect they harbored, nurtured
him who laid and plotted late, to sell her son for spite?

Copyright (c) 2005 Gary Brown

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