Friday, February 13, 2009

Entertaining the Underverse

There is a universe beneath the ground one lives above
which speaks a language seldom heard yet often, seen.
Worldunder listens,
watches up the soles of shuffling feet,
tracks their lives then plots the deeds
to fell these giddy giants.
Following orders to engage them,
these gremlins delight in interfering
with these self-directed, earth-stuck pharaohs;
bending paths, they become the hoax in their machines.
Up there, in that surface air of beings,
people squeeze to fit into their lives,
be found suitable and hold their breaths,
praying for invincibility.
Meanwhile, back inside the subterranean
nightclub lounge of love,
grim reapers smoke, go out for breaks
and chew the latest news of those
whose names are daily posted;
whom up above, unsuspecting,
live in line awaiting their appointment with the Big Dog.
Yet, within this Underverse these buzzkill lizards,
coldly earn their checks;
oblivious to the futility of their child's play schemes
of horror, death and pain,
they've gotten over having spilt
their beakerful of eternity;
resort now to dropping dimes on innocents
(as if we were),
hoping for a coup.
Yes, there is indeed a universe
beneath the ground one lives above...
and in it works the one who pleasures
to kill us all, as if we were
lemmings on parade.

Copyright (c) 2006 Gary Brown

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