Friday, February 13, 2009

Diary of a Vaudeville Prima Donna

When Satan played vaudeville, straight man to Jesus,
he never got good reviews;
no one would pay him more than scale;
he had trouble with the union.
Of course, he blamed it on the writers

who really got his goat;
he said they gave their best one-liners
to the Son of God.
Being the fledgling Luciferian,

the writing was on the wall,
so he snuck in and converted it
to anti-Christ graffiti.
He looked for loopholes, scammed for cash,

and couldn't keep an agent,
was awful at auditions and
practiced plagiarism.
The sorriest of gamblers, he lost on Lazarus;

thought Peter was a shameful waste
of criminal potential;
bet the farm on Judas who, folded, took a dive.
This bitter hack with deluded dreams,

still thinks he'll make it big;
surrounds himself with fools and thugs
yet, trembles in the dark.

Copyright (c) 2007 Gary Brown

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