Friday, February 13, 2009

The Death Clown Chronicle

Hard to say how much pre-earth and mid-Kingdom was
Lucifer's election,
his self-appointment as the Death Clown;
novice that he was.
Unaware his hidden play
(this jump to trump his master's hand)
was not the ambush he had planned
when he and his celestial lackeys
flung themselves headlong into
the heaven of their choosing.
This rookie thug used his free will
as license to slice up his angelic throat;
with recruited sidekicks schemed to pirate Paradise,
violate the body Grace,
pummel-throttle life from every uninscripted person
and all future souls shaped by the hand of God.
The ending of this story reads,
"His plans went south."
and that is all; but I suspect
the sealed details reveal a should-know truth:
After the trainwrecks and debris
have shoved us in the bin,
it's one thing to discover evil eating on our ear
and it's a very something else
to pretend it's love.

Copyright (c) 2008 Gary Brown

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