Friday, February 13, 2009

Poor Man's Job

For more than half a century
little terrorists ingeniously grew legs to plots and
wings to their execution;
their sabotage:
a simple camouflage of hopes and dreams,
had effectively consumed the only
life this man was allocated.

He never considered he could be worth the trouble;

for Satan to petition God
for tormentious squatter's right;
laughed at the thought that he should be so flattered
yet, it must be so, for little else offers explanation.

And it was not so much his having wrongly entertained

on and on, Lucifer's little soldiers;
no need, having already spent himself
pursuing a poisoned vision.
And such it was when very young,
his treasure map was drawn one night with Devil's pen
while this Job slept,
his God watched,
and Jesus wept.

Copyright (c) 2005 Gary Brown

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